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On Trend: Barn Doors!

Whether you’re an HGTV addict or not, you’ve probably seen that barn doors are one of the latest trends popping up all over. Not only are they eye-catching, they’re also great for saving space in smaller homes!

French doors can eat space, pocket doors can be great but are often loud or difficult, but barn doors offer exposed hardware for easy fixes and significantly increase your usable space! If you have a small bedroom a barn door or two may be the perfect space increasing solution! Barn doors can go anywhere!

Barn doors can also be great in large spaces that need a bigger item for functional decor. Chunky hardware, bold colors and custom textures are just a few of the barn door styles that work well as accent pieces in large spaces.

If you’re looking for the DIY way to go for barn doors in your home you can find everything you need at your local Lowes or Home Depot! Kits start at a few hundred dollars and go up depending on what finishes you want. Don’t underestimate the power of getting a “blank” door and painting or staining it yourself!

Here’s the catch: you have to be a pretty good handyman to hang a barn door by yourself. If you are, more power to you! If you’re not, this may not be the right project for you to take on yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t slide into your dream of having a barn door, you just might want to hire a professional!

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