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5 Quick DIY Tips for Home Sellers to Tackle During Stay-At-Home Order

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Doing the right renovations can add value to your home. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, finding time to do some of the easier tasks seemed daunting. With the stay-at-home orders in place, there is plenty of opportunity now to ready your home for a virtual listing or prepare for when the stay is lifted and you can show your home the traditional way. Being in your home most of the time gives you the opportunity to really see what areas you use the most. Use this downtime as inspiration. Then you can price and market accordingly following these clear steps from Homelight.

5 Quick DIY Tips

We at Amy Cherry Taylor & Associates want you to foremost keep your safety in mind when tackling your projects. Stay away from tasks that could cause harm or injury. Attention to detail is critical, so do each task one at a time and do it well. Learn some new skills such as painting interiors and exteriors online. This Old House: Live on PBS gives you tips and tricks on DIY home improvement.

1. Declutter

Clean lines and open spaces allow prospective buyers to imagine themselves in the home. Remove any distractions which include family photographs. Remove worn or excess furniture. Even rearranging a room can make a big difference in how a space feels. Organize papers, clear hallways, and entryways, re-organize and clean cabinets. According to Real Homes, this is one of the most important things you can do to prepare your home. So, bring out your inner Marie Kondo and start decluttering.

2. Deep Clean

A fresh clean home is what you want to present to a potential buyer. Give the baseboards, door moldings, switch plates, and floors a good scrub-down. Use the proper products so as not to harm the surfaces. Get into every nook and cranny. Clean the tiles in the bathroom(s) and make sure that there is no mold. Clean the fireplace and vents. Not only does this get your home noticed, but it will help you identify any troubling issues you need to fix.

3. Paint

A fresh coat of paint will brighten your home. It’s recommended to use neutral tones like taupe or gray. Sand and paint your front door and/or wooden banisters if your home has them. For a potential buyer, it’s the first few seconds that count. Seeing the door and staircase without layers of paint and scuffs will make a lasting impression.

4. A little TLC in the Kitchen

With people turning to Social Media to research DIY projects, there is a surge in those asking about kitchen renovation projects. You can do a few simple tasks that will give your very used kitchen (a side-effect of the coronavirus) a non-invasive facelift. Start by cleaning all the appliances, oil wood surfaces if you have them. Clean and seal marble countertops. If you have stains, follow these simple procedures to remove them. Update the hardware with new knobs and pulls, giving new life to older cabinets.

5. Spruce Up the Outside

You’ve heard it before, “curb appeal.” You may be stuck at home, but the weather is beautiful on most days in Virginia, and working outdoors will not only be good for your home’s bottom line, but it will be good for the soul. Sweep off the balcony, patio, porch or deck. Prune and mow the lawn. Get rid of dead plants and weeds. If you have outdoor furniture, wash it down and put new pillows or covers on them if needed. Most people after living through stay-at-home orders know the value of outdoor living spaces, so take advantage of this selling point.

Support your local hardware stores that are among the essential retailers open during the coronavirus lockdown. They can give you advice and most deliver right to your door.

When you’ve finished your DIY tasks, start researching tips on how you’ll sell your home during the coronavirus. Speak with your local trusted agent at Amy Cherry Taylor & Associates and take advantage of their wealth of experience in the Washington metropolitan area.

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