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Home. The word holds many meanings depending on who you ask. Unsurprising to me, but perhaps a surprise to you, when we asked our friends what home means to them not a single response had anything to do with a brick and mortar building (or wood, stone, plastic… you get the picture). One of our special friends perfectly (in my opinion) summed up home:

" Home is the center of the family. It is a place for everyone, including friends and guests, to feel loved, safe, accepted, supported. That way at the end of each day, they can come back to their most special place to rest, rejuvenate and head back out into the world again."

A slightly less profound response, yet equally as accurate (again, in my opinion), came from a valued colleague.

Home is where you take your bra off.

Seriously though, our goal in this blog is to show you all the amazing facets of our love for and knowledge of home. Perhaps your definition of home is simply being close to family or the feeling you get standing on the dock at THE perfect lake homeWhatever your definition, we are here to help you with your home whenever the time comes. For us, home is best paired with an amazing meal, the perfect space, a crackling fire, a loved one, and (most importantly) a dog.

As Realtors, we do so much more than sell houses, we help you find the vessel in which to build your home. We understand that buying a house is SO MUCH more than, well, buying a house. Home for me is my husband and boys, my friends, my family, and the incredible work fam that this team has become. Our real estate family grows each year as new clients become friends and our friends become an extension of our family.

The summary? Home is a feeling- one that we want you to feel when you work with us.

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