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Home. by Amy Cherry Taylor

A new kind of 

real estate blog

Home. The word holds many meanings depending on who you ask. Unsurprising to me, but perhaps a surprise to you, when we asked our friends what home means to them not a single response had anything to do with a brick and mortar building (or wood, stone, plastic… you get the picture)...

Design to Sell

Designing your space 

to sell

At Amy Cherry Taylor & Associates we understand that today's buyer has evolved. We want to help you sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time! 


"Amy and her team were amazing! When she first met with us she gave us a breakdown of everything from what to list the house at, staging and pictures, all the way to a pretty accurate idea of what our closing numbers would look like. She has the most wonderful and friendly team who were always available to answer any questions we had so we never felt alone in this process."


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